Wired alarm zones

Thinking about switching from Zipato to Homey.
But how does Homey handle wired alarm zones from my doors/windows?
Zipato have the expandable IO unit for this purpose, but Homey does not feature expansions. Any 3rd party options out there?
I can understand that Heimdal is the most common security app to use, but what ever works suits me fine.

If you need a binary input you could consider e.g. a

But it will turn your wired setup into a wireless one, so it will be less secure. There’s no true wired input to Homey.

Its sad.
Smart implant is an expensive solution for 15 zones.

A hillbilly solution is using flood sensors. They cost about ¼ to ⅕ of a fibaro.
You can wire the 2 metal screws > if they’re shortcutted, then it sends a signal.

1/4 will surely bring down costs, but as you say yourself it’s a hillbilly solution.
I cannot get my head around why no one of these smarthome manufactures offers this kind of solution.
Many homeowners come from a traditional household setup with a traditional wired alarm and on top of that I am fed up with constantly changing batteries on my other units.
Just a simple IO module with the number of zones needed shouldn’t be that hard to produce, and on top of that you could use it for other purposes.