Listener for SIA security protocol by using webhook possible?

Just a noob question. My alarm system (Ajax) offers the possibility to connect to a custom endpoint for communication with the (generic) SIA protocol.
For Home Assistant there is an app that can act as the receiving part. But I don;t want to use HA.
Would something similar be possible with Homey e.g. by using a webhook? The listerener should be running on a dedicated port and would need to send an answer when it is called.
Would this be possible and worth further investigating? Or should I just forget about it and find another solution?

Webhooks work with the HTTP(S) protocol, which is quite different from SIA.

Thanks, sounds like I should forget about it then :slight_smile:
I don’t think a Homey app is allowed to communicate / accept data connections on specific ports, right?

That’s not a problem.