Insights - graphing Hue Motion events


Trying recreate a graph of motion events from my previous Home Automation Hub.

I have ~30 Hue Motion sensors over two Hue Hubs.

Trying to create a graph of motion activity throughout the home so I can create some predictive routines based upon usage patterns.

But……. In Insights the Motion event attribute is not available, how do you enable the Motion attribute so it can be graphed? I have searched everywhere but cannot find it.


Insights cannot handle boolean capabilities.

So graphing won’t work for zwave socket turned or off either?

No, at least not directly. You could create a virtual device with a numerical capability that gets set to (say) 0 (off) and 1 (on), and chart that.

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So I could do the same for Motion events?

All boolean (on/off/yes/no) events. You need to create flows for each to set the virtual sensor value.

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Not entirely true. The boolean data is stored in the insights database. You can export them to a csv file using this app:


Ah okay, it’s just not possible to visualize it with Insights then :sweat_smile: