Add all sensor values to insights

I don’t understand why there is only a selection of values per sensor available in the Homey Insights. eg. For a motion sensor you can get the battery level in the insights, but the motion itself is only available in the app in the form of a useless timeline. For window sensors it’s the same.
That’s a shame, because it can be really useful to combine insights about for example the opening and closing of a window next to the humidity in a room. Or see trends in movement in your home.

What is the rationale behind splitting this up?


Discrete (boolean) capabilities (like motion detected or a window being open or closed) are not stored in Insights because they can’t be consolidated (as opposed to continuous capabilities, for which you can take, say, a day’s worth of measurements and only store the average/min/max).

That said, I don’t see why boolean capabilities aren’t stored in some sort of ring buffer structure, where you’d save at most an X amount of days worth of data to prevent the database from growing too much.


Exactly that!

I’m confused as to how Boolean values are not able to be consolidated.

If the exact value with date time stamp were to be consolidated to whether it was true in. 15min/30min/1hour/6hour/24hour/7days.

It’s a pitty I agree with our Boolean values in insights I barely ever look at it anymore :frowning:

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Actually, Im rewriting my export insights app (i hope I can finish it this weekend), and I found out the boolean values are stored in insights! They just cannot be selected to show in

But when I export them as csv, I can make my own graphs :wink:


Wouldn’t it be better to control what you send to insights? And than set a cap on the amount of events you are allowed to store. I only need a handful of sensor values that are interesting to me.


You’re preaching to the wrong audience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What you want needs to be incorporated in the Homey firmware, and in the insights website. So it’s Athom you need to talk to about this.

Sure. But this topic is to discuss ideas, right? :wink:

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Off course. And we agree on this topic :kissing_heart:

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I agre in what you are saying, im new to this. But before i uppgraded to the new version i could save those motion sensors i have and that was great, nowdays i never use it, those values that are there are useless for me. So for me the insigths have taken a dive in meaningfulness. So i appreciate if there are a way to get hold of these values…

Well, like I said before, you can export all sensor values, including the on/off (boolean) ones via the export insights app. Maybe not the ideal way of doing it, but at least you can get to the values.

If you have time at hand you could try a Node-Red, influxDB and Grafana solution. While I would have prefered the insights page to be more like grafana. This is not the case.

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I’m starting to get interested in Homey Insights.
During my tests, I clicked on the bin at the top right of the graph. (temperatue MI FLORA POT 2)

Unfortunately, this indicator (temperatue) has disappeared from the list of available values. (MI FLORA POT 2)
I was just thinking of deleting the graph, but not the indicator.

Homey Insights

How is it possible to retrieve this indicator?
Existing for MI FLORA BAC 1 (the same)