Add sensors to Insights

I have a lot of sensors, and they show up fine in Insights.
I hade one that I moved, and did not want the historical data from the old position to the new, so I looked for a way to clear the history for that one.
I pressed the Trash up in the right corner, assuming I was just clearing the log, but it deleted the sensor from Insight completly, so I cannot see it there any more.
The sensor is still there and works fine within Homey, and give me temperatures there, and works in my flows, but I cannot se it in Insights.
Is there a way to get it back?

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There’s a similar question in the Dutch category here: Apparaat verwijderd uit Insights. Hoe krijg ik die terug?

Sadly, no answer yet :frowning:

I do not read Dutch, so hopefully somone answers here :-).

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Dunno when u deleted the sensor but it sounds to me it should be back tomorrow. Just to test i deleted 1 “log” meself and will see if it gets back tomorrow.

Yes, my thoughts were also that when it has reported for a while it will come back, but it have not yet.
Deleted the log during wednesday, and today its friday, and it is not back.
I could of course delete the sensor in Homey, and add it back in again, and see if it shows up in Insights then, but I have it in a couple of flows, and if I delete the sensor, I have to go in every flow that is is in, and re-add it there I assume.
So if you come up to any idea to get a deleted log into Insight again, I will try :-).
If I dont hear anything within a while, I will maybe try and delete it in Homey :-).

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The sensor’s log will be back when a new value has been reported.

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In that case i deleted the wrong log haha. Its the power meter log from a plug which uses like 0,5 watt a day.

My sensor, that is a tempature sensor, reports all the time. I can see it in the Homey app. I also have a flow that sets that temp as a variable, so I can se that it is reporting and changing.
But the sensor do not show up in Insights again.
Am I doing something wrong?

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Try restarting Homey, or restart the device’s app. That should re-create the Insights log.

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Thanks Emile!
Restart of the app helped!
Now its reporting in Insights again.

Wyrd tho that an update of Homey did not bring this log back while a restart of the Fibaro app did. Gonna have to check on a normal reboot.

Edit: Reboot Homey also confirmed bringing back the deleted log.

Yep I restarted the Aqara App and the insight came back again