Deleted a log in Insights

Could not find it in the forum. But i deleted a log in the Insight page and now it does not reappear when logging in


so i’m missing the temperature on my 3th thermostat

Check again later, it should be back automagicly.

Usually it comes back after the first data will been received.

5 hours later they are not back? maybe the valeu’s need to change before they report back?

You need to restart the app where you deleted the insight from, it will then recreate the insight instance (and add the new data after the first data has come in)

Yes restarting the apps resoveld this!

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And what if the deleted log is a variable. It is not directly linked to an App, so restarting an App is not a solution.
Any suggestions?

Restarting homey is the solution

I would suggest renaming the button to ‘clear log data’ and not deleting the logbook itself.