Homey Insight Data gone missing

So, a week ago i installed some stuff under my summer cabin to keep the humidity in check. and I keept a close eye on the data when it all of a sudden was lost (yesterday). Does anyone have the slightest idea how I managade to erase it and if so, will it be possible to somehow gain it back?!


Did you happened to push the trashcan image on top right of the graph? That will destroy the data completely…

Best Regards BeenThereDoneThat

Isn’t that restored when you restart the app within Homey?

Nope. The old values are not restored, but it will start to measure again after awhile or reboot.

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If that´s the alternative to wipe the data then I must have while on the phone… DAMN! :joy:

Well you learn by destroying dont you… shouldnt there be like an alert message or something?

´This will completely destroy all collected data, are you SURE?´

I think there is a two state message “This will erase the data etc.” “Are you sure? etc.”

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Well if there is then that couldnt be what deleted my data. :confused:

Gonna install that APP asap