(How) can I restore Insights data?

When trying to remove a (solar panels) graph in Insights I tapped the trash bin, but apparently that removed the (“produced today”) data instead of the graph…

Is there any way to restore the data? If so, how?

  • I do have Homey Backups, but is this kind of data included in those backups?
  • I can get the data back from the website from the company that produced my inverter, but how can I “upload” this data set?

AFAIK, you can’t, Homey only stores “real time” data.


Can I restore only that specific “log” (data set) or is reverting everything to the last back-up (early this morning) the only option?

EDIT: Nuclear only it seems…

Indeed looks like I can only delete/get data, but not create/modify them…

Additionally I learned that Homey has limited retention (it seems to condense older data to a few data points per day) and my inverter producer lost production data for several months.

In other words: I’m screwed; these numbers are gone.

Correct, the more days back, the more ‘calculated’ the graph is (something like that),
and that is not mentioned.
If you want to save the exact measurepoints, you’ll need an insights export app, there’s several different ones.