Insight Data Import


I’m a homey newbie and so far very much enjoying my new product.

I have a lot of data from the past few years that is stored in mysql or can be transferred to a CSV file. Is it possible to import this data into Insights/homey so that historical temperatures can be tracked in the same sensor path as it now sits?


Maybe with ? But as storage is limited Athom compresses older insights-data (averages). So that might happen with your data too. I’m looking for the opposite, store data from Homey to an external database…

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As @bvbos already pointed out the storage on Homey is limited. My guess is that the oposite direction ( so retrieving data from Homey insights and putting it into mysql) is better on the long run.

Thanks both. I have the data in a report mysql database is it possible to get homey to store data to that rather than internally?

Possibly with an app, the inisghts data is returned to the website as json.

So get all devices - loop through - call the insights URL and then convert to cvs for mysql import