Homey & Data

It is possible to setup the Homey to be connected to internet, but not sending the sensor/actor data to the Athom cloud?

It doesn’t anyway.

How does insights work then? From where does that get the info in the new situation?

In the project I would like to use the Homey is the privacy much more important as the presentation of data.

My reply was to @robertklep :stuck_out_tongue:

Accessing the Insigths Web App loads the Data from your Homey into your browser to let your browser generate the graphs. :wink:

To be more complete:

See Athom Legal
3rd alinea:

At the same time, we keep the amount of personal data we process to a bare minimum. We do not collect the commands you give to Homey, nor do we log your sensor data. Because we believe in transparency, we have listed all our services, data usage goals and data collection below. […]

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Ah, i see now indeed. My mistake, assumed it was online now because of the external page AND because i was looking at the wrong memory page for it… :flushed: