Insights - No data logged


My insights doesn´t work anymore, last time i check was 1 year ago. I have no data on my devices only the current value that is shown constant for the last hour on all my devices. I have also noted in the app that the energy on my powermeter doesn´t show the graphs either. Any ideas?

Had the same in the past.

Once it was caused by blocking access to Google’s DNS servers on my firewall ( and, after allowing acces to those server Insights started working again.

I know this will also happens when I enable Threat Management on my UniFi USG firewall. After disabling both IPD and IDS everything started working again.

Hope this helps.

Cool, another security downgrade that people have to perform to get Homey working properly :frowning:

Agreed. But both IPS and IDS are still in beta, and cause a very high CPU load on the USG, so I’m not sure Homey is to blame…

Like you said, blocking and for privacy reasons causes issues with Homey, because those addresses are hardcoded in it. You also can’t use recent versions of Chrome in the Homey recovery process because it’s “too” secure. DNS rebinding protection in your router needs to be turned off to prevent issues with Homey being marked as “offline” when it isn’t.


I havn´t change router and doesn´t have a separate firewall.
Look into my router settings but couldn´t find any obvious wrong settings?

BR Andreas