Wow.... Insights data 427MB?

Hi guys & girls,

The backup complained about not enough storage.
So I deleted some apps which were not crucial and had over 50MB’s of data stored.
After that the backup succeded.

But I was a little surprised about the 427MB Insights seem to use.
And nowhere a possibility to shrink it, besides removing and adding devices with numeric values…
Any ideas?

BTW can’t delete voices, there’s only one

Wow. Thats really a lot. Mine is a lot less.

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Looks a little bit like a device(s) or app is generating a lot of insights.
Here just +/-55 MB of data for insights, (149MB for speech, just 1 dutch voice), with more then enough devices and apps running.

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Create a support ticket and send Athom the logs.
Ans let us know the result! :innocent:

Hoe long ago have you removed a voice?

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Voice(s) were last removed feb 19th.
Speech & Insights were ‘normal’ too at the time.

But I now know what happened. I tried voice Lotte and deleted Ruben. But the English voice was suddenly present…?
It turns out it gets downloaded when you switch Homey’s language.
And of course it doesn’t get deleted if you switch back❌ , not even a notification here…
So speech takes 175MB now.

I decided to delete all my apps, did a recovery & full software download, but wtf…

So, dayum, why not do a factory reset and backup restore and hey, things are quite average now :slightly_smiling_face:

I experiment a lot with Homey, maybe I should start from scratch one day :woozy_face::see_no_evil: