Homey is downloading a lot of data


After streaming the next most active device on my network for download data volume is my Homey, is that what I should expect?
How can I be confident that there isn’t malware on it?


Ehm, how can we give a useful answer with only this information?
Maybe it is very convenient to supply some details. How much is it? When is it? Is it constant? Etc etc.

In general: of course it is very active, it looks for weather data, reads info from the cloud, puts data in the insight environment, communicates with the servers…

But again, without concrete information there is nothing more useful to say…

Hi, excuse the sparsity of the information, I have little more provide.

All I see is 80 days up time, in that time it’s downloaded 84Gbyte, it’s uploaded 8Gbyte and the firewall is currently reported it consuming/sending around 300kb/s for no reason I can imagine.

If there’s some checks on the Homey that could be recommended to see what’s driving that I will check it


This is my traffic.

So it receives about 350MB per day and sends about 200MB (though it did spike to 1GB on the 10th of this month…).

Categories (don’t know the time period used here so only look at the different categories, not so much the numbers :slight_smile: )

I’m guessing that Amazon in that list is AWS and hoping that that’s where Athom has their servers.

@A_Lucas, 84GB over 80 days seems like a lot indeed.
Do you have any apps installed that do things over the internet?

Thanks for the chart, mine does sound high in comparison…

The only apps I have installed are below, wouldn’t have expected any of these to be a bandwidth hog… is there a tool in the homey to see which is doing what?

< group >
Better logic
Philips Hue
Steinel Z-wave
Sun events
TKB home
Ubiquti UniFi (paused)
Virtual devices
Wireless weather sensors

I have the similar datarates, so 84GB is kinda strange.
Do you have an Ubitquiti router in place, then perhaps it is possible to do a better packet inspection?

I think those are the only apps that are connected to cloud-services.
Netatmo does probably require a constant stream of data to be polled, no?
And maybe Homeykit also…

No, an iOS device connects to HomeyKit and just waits for changes, so if none of the Homey devices changes their state, there’s no data being sent (and the amount of data that gets sent isn’t a whole lot). Also, HomeyKit doesn’t connect to any cloud-services, it uses a local network protocol.

Any news about this topic?
My homey downloaded 120GB within 15 days uptime :thinking:

After all, better than 120GB upload! :smiley:

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Hi, I have a Homey at my summer house and with a 4G internet connection (by a router). Homey is the only Device connecting to the router and I have noticed that my data consumption is about 0,5 GB for 2-3 weeks in total. Then suddenly my pre-loaded 20gb of data is gone. I have not any possibility to inspect the traffic flow by distance . I noticed this thread and just wanted to call-out the same Issue. I am running 7 apps - IKEA, temp monitor, Aqara, Arlo, fibaro, heimdal, ifttt

The issue for me is that it becomes very expensive when I need to buy new data all the time…

Would be great to have some kind of monitoring built into Homey or function to limit data drainage

All the best