Quite a lot of bandwidth used

So I just noticed. In the past 7 days my router reports Homey to have used 2.4GB upload and 31.2GB download. :upside_down_face: What could’ve caused this I wonder… Any thoughts?

Have you a HueBridge connected? The status polling is causing such bandwidth for me. You can check the traffic of the HueBridge. That should correspond with Homeys bandwidth.

Wow… that amount of data is crazy… Do the Hue hubs really use that much data … ? Is that even possible?

Yes, depending on the logged period.
A statuspoll every 1 or 2 seconds for all Hue devises is causing some data. That’s why I have deleted all Hue-lights in Homey that don’t need a automation. That saves a huge system load of Homey in addition.

Thanks …

That’s still mind blowing though… What are they actually transmitting .

Id have to do some number crunching but you’d think a few packets every couple of seconds wouldn’t add up to that much .

I guess there data requirement is much like their pricing. Way over inflated… :laughing:

Not a fan of Phillips Hue. It’s just a scam…