Homey looses wii > a lot of devices and flows not working & system settings > load averaga 400% +?

hi all,

I had some connection problems with my homey, I started digging in my settings and found I could press the system info button. The usage was over 400% sometimes.

IT is really annoying that a lot of devices stop working because homey looses wifi (a lot). In switched it to a very strong router, made sure the zigbee, zwave and wifi bands/channels don’t clash… but still…it is just so not working anymore.
It used to be good.

ANy tips?

Check the used memory growth of your apps via Insights. They shouldn’t use over 40MB.
Hue app (the Athom one) running?

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The hue app is running indeed.
Would the pro be the way to go, now that I’m getting a bit too elaborate with my homey :stuck_out_tongue:

NO app uses 40 mb. Max 20 as far as I can see.

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If possible, try switching off the Hue app temporary to see if it makes a difference.

By rpo you mean pro?
You running a cloud Homey now?

no, I’m runing an old Homey

Ah rpo = rpi I guess :grin:

But, since you run a Pro:
I mentioned the Hue app, because of this

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When you say 400%, was that memory, CPU usage, or another resource.

Also when you say Wifi drop out , do you mean the Homey App fails to connect sometimes , devices go offline ? , get timeout errors … etc etc ?

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Memory according to the system general setting in the app.

hmm, for me it only uses 11 mb… as far as I can see on the dev page of homey…

11MB is fine. What does the history show, say last month?

I had a lot of Wifi issues with my Homey this year after switching to a new Wifi router.

All sorts of crazy stuff went on with it. Homey was basically experiencing major packets loss. Apparently HomeyOS or it’s Wifi stack cant deal with packet loss very well and some App’s wouldn’t work properly, including OnVif. I must of spent 30 hours trying to research and trace the problem until I eventually figured it out…

Do you have a network tool App on your phone called “Fing”. ? Just out of curiosity are you able to ping your Homey and see what the results are ?

Also not really above 21 MB to be honest. The cpu scale looks weird on insight

Yes, I can ping. 0 % package loss it seems… Min ping is 4 ms, max is 54 ms.

That’s sounds fairly healthy.

Was also curious, is your Homey a 2019 model ?. Also do you have 802.11 AX WiFi … (Wifi 6) ? Or even 802.11 AC (Wifi 5) ?