Homey killing internet

My internet is randomly going down, diconect homey and all is fine Just uninstald yale doormen app and waiting it whas maby the problem… nope still the same…

A bit more detail please.
Is your wifi going gaga with Homey on, or your actual internet connection (so any cabled devices also have issues).

Interested in this topic as well. Can’t promise on it but it feels like the internet connection despite great bandwidth sometimes is quiet poor since homey lives here …

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I can agree on this, since 14 of oktober my homey has received 12 GB and sent 21 GB. Last 7 days received 4,3 GB and sent 1 GB. Statistics from my UBT network switch. That a lot or not ?

That seems like a lot, do you run any apps which require a cloud connection to the supplier? (Nest/Ecobee/etc)

Maybe there is loop in one or more of your flows. Happened me also. for example with virtual devices if the same device is in the ‘and’ en ‘Then’ section. (TV is niet aangezet, Zet tv aan)

Oke but what loop causes that much data usage?

Myself got also problems some times but couldent find the source for the problem.
Got a R7000 router a full reset and restored a backup of the setting restored the problem.

So I did a full reset and setup everything manualie again. (Till) Now my internet work properly again.

I also have Ubiquity stuff in my house, but are you looking at traffic towards your internet connection or Wifi-traffic.

(for example - my Homey sphere has downloaded about 700MB from the internet over the last 14 days, but it has downloaded about 5GB over it’s Wifi connection the last 14 days)

I never looked at it but I am getting more and more curious now. I don’t think I have any apps that should do anything on the Internet, so 700 MB of internet traffic is quite a lot I think. (the only active internetbound app that I have active is HomeyDash).

The 5GB over my home network also seems a lot. (I have the Unify app that polls my Unify management server and the Plugwise Smile app, that reads my ‘Slimme meter’, but I can’t believe that’s 2,5 GB per week.

Also, the management software on my desktop shouldn’t be that much too)

I’m starting to get curious now what it’s doing on the internet now :slight_smile:

So am I.
When starting homey it takes all available bandwidth so that Netflix on tv instantly stops. As it’s part of a mesh this shouldn’t happen; I mean - it’s a 100K so theres kinda enough space for all toys to play, no?!

Would be nice to hear if somebody of the athom team experienced what’s going on.

You could start with disabling apps one by one to rule out which app it is

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And after that find the flow which is causing this.

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Thx for being so quick!
I will try to, but first I wanna try 2.0 :blush:

So far: no flows yet. :wink: