Backup fail

(reported @ Athom)

For whom it may concern.
Interesting, the automatic backup of my “half” Homey Pro (half because of 512MB RAM) failed last night, according to 2 timeline notifications.
I just tried a manual backup, which resulted in the following error:

No space left on device… hmmzzz
The storage bar was on 70%… I decided to remove a few disabled ‘not really needed’ apps and started a backup again.
Now it works again.

So, does a “half” Pro have half the storage also? :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

Could also be that the cloud is full :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, that was my 1st thought! hehe…
“We’re sorry sir, Amazon disk space is full, go look for an other cloud. Bye”. :sweat_smile::crazy_face:

No. Is absolutely the local storage.
Pls Report to Athom.
Also verify how many voices you don’t use are downloaded, you could remove them.

Thanx, I happened to have 3 voices :thinking:Deleted 2 of them.
I didn’t check the exact unused storage on beforehand, I marked it at the screenshot of the current state:

My “spraak” is using a lot more:
Just 1 voice

Any ideas how to reduce?
(Not using voice at all)

I have “half” a Homey Pro (512MB). Maybe the voices are half quality too in that case. :sweat_smile:
I think the voice/speak function it’s absolutely unusable, compared to f.i. Ggl mini speakers.
Unfortunately I cannot choose on my owned Homey to delete the 1 voice left on it if I want to :no_mouth:

Weird, I see your Homey uses at “Overig” a lot less storage!

Maybe change the voice you have now for another one? The one which uses 150MB’s is ‘Ruben’ overhere.

Which one do you use?

Ruben :wink:

But something crazy does happen.
For comparison, I’ve added voice “Lotte”, which takes 175MB of disk space.
“Ruben” takes 150MB;
Lotte uses more space, and therefore is deleted again.

But, look at the free space and “Overig” on both screenshots.
The free space for both remains the same (965,7MB), but “Overig” changes with 175MB… :no_mouth: :woozy_face:


Found out I that the 3 voices shown were indeed also downloaded! So I removed two of the (just clicking futher down in the list)

My usage on “spraak” has reduced a lot now… :grinning:
But indeed it moved to “overig” and not to free space :confused:


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I switch the language to English sometimes, it probably downloaded an English voice without a notification.