INNR SP240's in error state after Homey update 10.2.0

Annoying - Homey Pro updated to 10.2.0 last night.
Since then, 4 out of 4 INNR SP240’s were in an error state:
Device unavailable. Zigbee is starting. Try again later.
Un-/replugging the devices did not help.
Repairing the devices failed.
Restarting Homey did not resolve the issue.
Restarting the app somehow did…

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This sort of thing happens all the time after updates. Ideally, an update should be followed by an actual unplugging of Homey instead of a plain reboot (which means that ideally, you shouldn’t let Homey autoupdate but perform the updates manually).

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Ok, not what I hoped to hear :-), but at least good to know, thanks!

Meanwhile I have also reported the issue to the INNR app guys - they tell me INNR is investigating binding/connection issues.

This is almost certainly a Homey issue, nothing much they will be able to do.

I have the same issue here. :frowning:

an update should be followed by an actual unplugging of Homey instead of a plain reboot

I find that hard to accept and it also didn’t worked for me. I had the same issue with the previous firmware version when I was playing around with the SP240. Only resetting the Zigbee network helped. That is not a real option for me now as I am using my SP240 in various flows.

I can ping the devices in the Homey dev tools, so let’s keep our fingers crossed thaty Athom will improve on the Zigbee reliability front in near future.

Same here, only with the SP240. Restart of the Innr app fixed it.

A new finding to add: after everything was working again, I physically moved my Homey Pro to another room (the one where I have the INNRs).
Unplugged Homey, moved it, plugged it in again.
To my surprise, the exact same issue occurred: all 4 SP240’s were in an error state “waiting for zigbee…” and did not recover. Meanwhile, another Aqara plug and a couple robbsmart dimmers continued working just fine.
As before, only restarting the INNR app fixed the issue.

(Note this is a very, very simple setup - the description above mentions all there is to it :slight_smile: )

I experience the same thing with my SP240. Restarting the app does indeed work. I’ll also flag it to the app developer, might be interesting to look into and possibly fix! :grin: :+1:

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Just to share this issue is still being investigated by INNR.
They have multiple reports of the issue and suspect a problem in the SP240 firmware.