IKEA Trådfri Gateway

I’m running the latest version 0.1.2 and have now 38 lamps and spots on the hub and connected to Homey.
But now after adding 4 new ones the app is stopping for no reason and I can start it again with no problem.
Are there now to many lamps connected and is there now a “polling” isue?
Can I increase the update time for that?

Maybe also worthwhile to create an issue here: https://github.com/rogierhofboer/com.ikea.tradfri.gateway/issues

That way, the developer doesn’t have to stumble upon your post here by chance.

Have you connected any other devices?

Translation (deepl.com):
How many groups and moods can I create in the IKEA Home smart app?

In the IKEA Home smart app you can create up to nine moods and an unlimited number of groups. With a TRÄDFRI gateway you can connect 50 devices and in each group you can have a maximum of 10 light sources and a control device (remote control, wireless dimmer, etc.).

39 in total, only one remote

Will do that thanks