Ikea APP

Never used Homey before :

I use ikea tråfri lights seperate in 3 zones.Each zone consist of 6 lights - totally 18 lights.
my question : Do I haveto install an app for each light ( 18 Apps ) or can I use one App for each Zone ?


@toch No app! :grinning:
You can add Ikea lights to Homey’s Zigbee network.
You can use the Ikea hub, then you need the Ikea app installed to communicate with it.

As with all device apps for Homey you only install the app once to add as many devices as supported.
For the official IKEA app https://apps.athom.com/app/com.ikea.tradfri this is adding them to. Homey’s own Zigbee network.
Adding a Homey community app https://apps.athom.com/app/com.ikea.tradfri.gateway is also possible to add the trådfri gateway and add all connected devices. These trådfri devices have to be added to the Zigbee network of your trådfri hub, that can have some different characteristics but also partitions your Zigbee networks.

Yeah, my mistake. To recognize the lights in Homey’s Zigbee network, you have to install the Ikea Trader app first. For the gateway, you install the Ikea Gateway app.

Thans noe IT is playing good. Can i do the same with smartthings ?

As Smart results in ~ 40 apps and Smartthings in 0 …
What App do you mean? Please look at the store: https://apps.athom.com/
Some apps have limitations other are almost unlimited but for Homey that is almost no limit.
Except the # of Apps you can run “fast” on Homey, 15-20 should be no problem. Some users have more Apps installed and are still happy. Else you should look for a Homey Pro.
You can install each app only once and Add as many devices as the device allows. (Maybe some older fe Thermostats you can not add more than one. But you can always ask the Developers)

/OT and as the Title says IKEA …