Optimal solution for Zigbee

I got myself a Homey Pro and found out about the 20 direct device connected to Homey Pro. I have currently one hue hub, one tradfri hub and conbee usb stick running on a Synology with Homeassistant running. I have around 40 bulbs and 8 motionsensor, an tradfri plug and a bunch of aqara sensors too.5-10 remotes

I have noticed the Innrbulbs are a bit glitchie when connected to the hue hub controlled on the homeyapp. I have 5 inner bulbs and I plan to connect them directly to homey pro to build the Zigbee mesh.

Or should I just connect all the sensors to Conbee and add the sensors into homey from the deconz app?

Please advice the best solution. I live in a two story building, made of wood and drywall.

I would suggest adding all your devices to deCONZ, which is the most flexible Zigbee solution out of the ones you have:

  • Homey is too limited
  • the Hue hub app uses polling for sensors and remotes, which means that pressing a remote may take seconds before Homey notices it; it may also not work with all devices;
  • the Tradfri hub only works well with IKEA, and it doesn’t expose the remotes to Homey, so you can’t create flows based on those

The added advantage of adding all devices to deCONZ is that you will have only one big Zigbee network, with a lot of Zigbee router devices, which will create a strong mesh. deCONZ supports 512 directly connected devices so you don’t have to worry you’ll run into issues there.

It’s also really easy with deCONZ to set up proper Zigbee groups and bindings, so you can bind remotes to (groups of) lights without even needing Homey in between.

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So where does Homey Pro come in this part? Is it for automation and flows?

Yes, you’d use the Homey deCONZ app so you can control them from Homey. Or just stick with Home Assistant and sell your Homey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll keep the Homey, but I’ll start to migrate from tradfri and hue. Beginning from The office.

Small correction. There are now 1024 devices.


While Homey went from 20 to 15 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My neighbour sold his conbee stick to me. I told him to buy a Homey Pro. His plan was to migrate 60+ Zigbee devices to Homey Pro. I’m glad I have a solution at least.

He might be one of the lucky ones that will be able to get this amount working stabily on Homey. The limit (15-20) only applies to directly connected devices, which means that if you do some careful planning and make those 15-20 devices all Zigbee router devices, at least in theory Homey should be able to support larger networks.

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