How many Zigbee devices can be taught

How many Zigbee devices can be taught to a homey? Other manufacturers have problems with response time and accessibility from about 50 units upwards. Does homey have a solution? I have almost 80 Zigbee lamps in my household and I am looking for a central office that can handle them

Look forward to the answers

Maybe deCONZ could be an option. deCONZ has a limit of 200 devices. There is also a deCONZ App available for Homey.

Homey isn’t just a zigbee hub, so the answer is, it depends on how many other apps and device you will install and use besides the zigbee devices.
I currently have 57 z-wave devices (they use about the same amount of memory) and 29 (soon 31) zigbee devices, next to my other devices like denon heos, and harmony hub where every device and activity has their own seperate device, and a few random other devices.
And even though setting Homey up is getting a little slower by the time with adding more and more flows (think the counter is around 300 now), I don’t really see this in the response time of my devices.