Hue without bridge - bulb is added as “generic Zigbee”

I have just added my first 2 Hue bulbs, as I have 2 outdoor lights on 220v without a switch and I cannot find where they are coming from so a zwave switch is not possible.

Anyway, I added them as Hue without bridge. Once it asked to toggle them, the installation proceeded but mentioned “no app found, added as generic zigbee device”.

The result is that it more or less works, but not via the appropriate app. I can switch them on and off and dim them. Nothing more.

Any ideas on how to add them properly?

It are Philips Hue A60 9.5W White 1100 bulbs.

Provided that you also checked with the test version of the app: read the first post of the support thread on how to make a request to get support added.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Robert

Did you install the Philips Hue, without the bridge app?

Yes, I did. The device seems not supported yet, I will file a request to add it.