Philips Hue Wall Switch

Does someone know if the Philips Hue Wall Switch works as a default zigbee device or is the bridge needed? I understand special features wont be supported but i just want on/off functionallity

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Use the app Philips Hue Without Bridge, that works for me.

How did you add the wall switch @JPe4619 ? Tried it several times without success.

just followed the instructions, nothing special.

@SejoerdO Are you trying to use the new wall switch modules that you mount behind your regular wall switches? As I see it there is no support for them in the Philips Hue without Bridge app yet. Which leaves you with the option to wait for support or get a bridge and use the “regular” Hue app.

@JPe4619 are you using the new wall switch modules: Wall Switch | Philips Hue or not. I can’t seem to add them to the hue without bridge app since there are no such modules to choos from in the device list of the app.

No sorry, that’s not my device, I have the DimmerSwitch

But you can ask the App developer to add your device to the App.

@JPe4619 I thought so, I think the question in this thread was for the module but I’m not sure. Have asked the developer to add the device, I suspect it’s on the to do list already :slight_smile:

Yes the original question was for the wall switch module, but now when i read the question again i understand how it was misunderstood.

I ended up buying a hue bridge, since i needed the functionallity and wanted my buttons to look as all other buttons in the house. There is surprisingly few switches that is compatible with buttons like this.
The switches is working fine together with the bridge.

With that said, hue also has some cool features like spotlights working with a tv to create “surround light” so i thaught it might come in handy in the furure.

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@Struts I am weighing my options as well, wait or get a bridge. I do love the fact that I can adapt my normal switches and make them smart instead of getting something else and having to swap out everything in the house. Maybe bridge is the way to go, how hard was it to integrate into Homey?

It wasnt hard at all, just a bit frustrating that a new ‘hub’ was needed.
Was just to add the button to hue bridge, then add the hue bridge to homey.
Everything added to hue bridge will be synced to homey.

Thanks for all the replies after my comment.

I hoped that @JPe4619 had a workaround or something, but there was a misunderstanding. Hopefully @Johan will be back soon and have some time to work on the Philips Hue Zigbee app (without the bridge) to make the wall switch compatible :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have just set up one wall switch as a test. My first impression, is disappointment. I have some “friends of hue” light (build in kitchen lights) that I connected to the Hur app, and control with Hur dimmer switch. But when I was to add a light the the wall switch to control, only my originals hue lights are shown in the app, no IKEA bulbs, no friends of hue, no 3rd party at all.

Now I’m to fiddle with the homey so se if I can the the functionality that I want.

(I have a hue bridge V2)

I am using several Friends of Hue switches on my side. These are also supported. The ones I like most are from Senic Gira since I was already using Gira switches over the house.

I never tried these without the bridge though

With respect to the Friends of Hue switches, most of these are using the Enocean as the component. In Homey these are recognized as a Hue Tap. I don’t know if that switch is supported in the Bridgeless application, it is in the bridged one.

I don’t think so, Enocean is a completely different protocol (running on even a different frequenty) from Zigbee that all (friends of) hue products use, I think you are confusing it with “Green Power”, which is part of the zigbee protocol, the “energy harvesting” has been there way before enocean or green power used it.

To be honest I could be mistaken (long time ago they started)

This is a module still created by Enocean. They started selling this as an OEM to other parties.

Have you got the Wall Switch Module to work in Homey when you have configured it as ‘push button’ and not as a ‘rocker’ switch?

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I also would like to know how I can make my Hue Wall Switch Module get to work. I also replied to the Github issue for this device, but maybe there is some kind of work-a-round to get it working directly in the Zigbee network of my Homey Pro 2023?


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A few days ago I managed to pair the Philips wall switch with my new Homey Pro. Today I tried to add it again, since I had to reset the switch yesterday. Currently I am not able to add the device anymore, so I think there is something wrong. Seems that some Zigbee devices (f.e. my aqara temperature sensor also won’t pair) have troubles with pairing at this moment.