HUE outdoor sensor approach by car

Dear all, just a quick question.
Will the HUE outdoor sensor also work when you approach it by car? Or is it only working with humans and animals?
My idea is to put on the lights from the moment i arrive by car…
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Motion sensors do not detect objects and also not humans behind windows, so no. I put a tile pro 2018 in my car and use the beacon app to see if the car is home. I do not know how the latency is though, probably not enough for the lights.

Motion sensors do not detect objects or humans or animals.
They detect change in heat radiation.

So a car with a hot engine will definitely be detected.
An electric car might not be detected because the amount of heat is much lower.

I have a hue outdoor motion sensor on the driveway. It detects my car nicely.
(Never tried an electric car)

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My Aqara motion sensor at the top of my driveway detects birds and other small animals, but not my (petrol-powered) car, so it may depend on the car (how well it’s insulated, where the heat radiates to, etc).

Thanks! It’s clear so i can close this topic!