Huawei Solar

Good morning

I have created a Huawei Solar integration into Homey.
For now it is possible to read battery and solar data, there are also some extra conditions that were added.

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:
Source code can be found GitHub - reyntjensw/Homey-FusionSolar

Due to API restrictions at Huawei, there is a settings that needs to be set after installing the app.
To know the correct value, you need to login on this website ( with your credentials.

After logging in, you will notice that the url will change to a url similar to this url.

To configure this setting, click the gear icon

In the dropdown, please select the correct version and save these settings, the values will appear in a couple of minutes.

thank you for this! Is the app ready to read out BAttery % ? I requested an API -account to use with this. How long does this usualy take?

Hi @Yov the app also reads the batteries capacity.
Requesting an account can take a couple of days.

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it took a while! They wanted more info, and agreement of my installer but i got the app working now!
I had to change the region and everything works. But now and then the communication stops for a time.

Hi @Yov

I’m noticing it myself as well, I’ll try to prepare a fix.
In some cases the API goes down, you can also notice it in the native app.


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@Yov There is a new version you can test, it should have improved error handling.

Please let me know your if this is solving your issues.

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i did the update today, got no connection. Restarted the app and now it works :wink: i wil let you know if it stays stable! is there a way to live vieuw the current Load?(maybe more live then the Huawei app)

Unfortunately there is no live update functionality.
The implemented api has rate limiting, which prevents us to query it a lot.

I am planning to buy a Huawei Inverter with the Smart meter. Can you get the readings from the Smart meter?

I’m not reading the smart meter for now, what would you like to read from the smart meter?

Can you read the current wattage usage from the house to see if you have ”leftover” energy from the solar. That way you could decide if a electric car should charge or not

Hi Dennis, this is possible but the app refreshes every 5 minutes because of API restrictions.
So the reading is not realtime.

That would be fine for me, as it doesn’t matter that much, 5 min refreshing is totally fine. Is this something that you could easily implement?