[HowTo] Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Getting started (With Early Access)

As long as you you don’t change Zigbee/Zwave devices (repair) I would assume, turning off the HP23 and turning on the HP19 should be ok. They only should not be active both at the same time.
On the HP23 you should deactivate backups to keep your HP19 version.

The backups for HP19 (or earlier) and HP23 are stored independently. Thus, an HP23 backup does not overwrite backups from HP19 (or earlier).

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EDIT: I see @fantross has replied at the mean time… :slight_smile:

Why would you advise this?
Backups are grouped by Homey device. So max 7 backups for the HP19 and 7 for the HP 23.
In my case the backups of a former HP19 that was replaced by Athom are still there as well…

Or can you only install the latest backup and not choose an earlier one?

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I haven’t tried and was not sure if it are 7 backups for all or for every Homey.

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So seems it’s indeed ALPHA - I managed to setup HP2023, restored backup…and since then basically can’t do anything, Homey Developer Tools gives me Timeout or Homey offline (naturally PING is OKay), mobile app is sluggish, not responsive…some apps seems to be crashing (even those reported as working already), I can’t even create diag. report for Athom :wink:
I was hoping to enable SSH to see more details - again get timeout, then “Experiment starting” and afterwards, it’s anyway not started. CLI install finish also with Timeouts or when I got there already, it has been finished like in 3 minutes !
I wonder what I can do more now to troubleshoot this…

What is suppositious, even I’m getting timeouts, response ping is 1ms… ?

*So I disabled some apps, seems this allows me to create finally diag report…sent it to Athom and for now I’m shuting down HP2023. Luckily HP2019Pro works just fine after turning back on. Just funny, already got 117 MB of logs… *


If Homey Pro makes a rattling sound when shaking it gently, please contact our support team for a replacement.

I just migrated from to the new homey pro.
But it seems some flows are missing. I can just recreate them but it would be nice to see what I had there initially.
Is it possible to fire up the old homey when the new one is running or will that cause problems?

You should power down Homey2023 first as they are connected to same devices.

Ok, sure makes sense. But it wont break anything once i power down the old homey and turn the new homey on again?

No, but of course; if you do changes in either Homey2023 or Homey2019 it will not be reflected in the other Homey.
Also, Zigbee units can only be paired to one of the Homey’s so will not show up on the old one once repaired to Homey2023.

Ok great thank you then I will give that a try to see what happend to the flows