How to solve this Broadlink problem now that IFTTT is going forever?

hi all,
So, my situation. I have a beamer without remote, but was successful by randomly selecting a project from my broadlink app to make it “smart” via Broadlink.
I use IFTTT to control that device from Homey, via IFTTT to BL.

But…now it is stopping… damn. Any tips on how I can get it back to work? How can I solve this conundrum?


Thanks for the reply!
Problem is… I have no remote… So I can’t teach it anything. Why is there no way to read the current installed devices on broadlink?

See my post:

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In the end I bought a cheap IR copy remote, copied the broadlink signal and retaught the same signal via the homey command to the broadlink app…and voila ^^

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