How to contact Homey staff

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m trying to contact the athom’s staff without success via, have you another idea for me ?

Sos maybe?

No serious, you have a busniss question for them? Because on the site there stand for busniss

And there is also the right mail adress for support.

And in Welcome post the right mail adress is also given.

So not hard to find, but i have heard for some lunch they answer faster :rofl:

Think the easiest and best way is to contact the Support-Team:

ahahaha yes it’s a business question ! Maybe they just don’t like my question :joy:

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Thank you @CyberSponk but I forgot to say it was for a business question and that’s also the reason I choosed this “Off-Topic”

Same here :frowning:

Ordered homey pro saturday. Site claims “order before 17.00 > delivery next day” So i expected sunday delivery ( site does not say next working day )

Send mail sunday … no response … no tracker … monday no response no tracker.

Placed comment with support … still nothing.

So i paid 399 euros but can not reach anyone ??? What phone number ???

Ordered saturday and now earliest delivery will be wednesday :frowning: (IF delivered wednesday )

Maybe a stupid question, but when did you mail them?

Oh, and btw, Homey doesn’t have staff, Athom does however… :innocent:

Maybe a stupid question, but where did you order it and to what address did you send your mail? And did you get an order confirmation?

Ordered at directly.
€399 paid and deducted from bank
Mail send to
And yes i did get the order confirmation.

The order is “pending” at the website (Wordt verwerkt) since saturday

Wanted to switch from homewizard to Homey. I doubting now if it was a good choice :frowning: … i mean not even a phone number ?

Info is for other subjects. The correct address will be
Maybe also try to tag @Bram , the support manager, so maybe he can look into this.

Yup i did this afternoon. Not @Bram of course. Hope someone will respond tomorrow.

Not a very clear support subject about “ordering” also. Think i sellected “algemeen”. Did not find the support email also … just the form thing on the website


“info” is for “business”, and buying a Homey is just that.

Besides, has Athom really grown that much that the person behind “info” can’t forward an e-mail to “support” if so required?

First email: 27/01/19
Second email: 09/05/19

Both to

Anyway Athom’s staff (because Homey’s staff doesn’t exist) if you see my post, let me know how to contact you :slight_smile:

Here’s some people from Athom that should be able to help you further with this: @Bram @Emile @Stefan
(Yes they -do- read here)

Thanks all … for me all worked out fine

Sorry for delay but thanks all I received an email from the staff !

I have the same question, three years later.
Is @Bram @Emile @Stefan still the persons to contact?

I purchased the backup offer for Black Friday and expected 50% off. It all looked ok at checkout, but afterwards I discovered I payed full price! I guess I failed to have full attention on all pages in Paypal, epic failure!

How to get in contact with Homey to have this corrected?


I got an mail 11/11 that my homey bridge was shipped but according to Maersk the staus is “Prealerted”. Who do I contact about this?

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