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How to Cancel Order


I want to cancel my homey order but can see no way to do this, what should I do?


I would just send an email to support@athom.com and quote your order number.

info@anthom.com is mentioned on their support website but that just bounced :frowning:

I sent an email to support@anthom.com and got an automated response saying it would be a couple of days for them to respond - by which time they will have shipped it.

Very poor - why can’t an order be cancelled through their shop?

you made a typo: it is not anthom but athom.com

Thank you for your help - all sorted

They stopped answering emails completely. I do not know what’s going on. Has anyone recently tried to contact them at this address?

support@athom.com is the correct adress!

Ok, thanks. So that info@athom.com is not in use? :grinning:

Only if u wanna buy 100K Homeys me guess:


Athom B.V.
Rigtersbleek-Zandvoort 10-207
7521 BE Enschede
The Netherlands