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Hi All,

i am sure i am missing something but i cannot find out where i can contact the Athom support. I want to change the e-mail adress to my Athom account but it does not work.

I can find a ticket for issues with the hardware, but not with my account sadly.

Any help in getting me in touch with Athom is greatly appreciated!

Hi Henk,

thank you but i know this. I cannot use this as it is not a software issue and i don’t have a diagnostic report. I want regular customer service

This IS Athom’s regular customer service.

You can leave the diagnostic report code empty and still use the form

Yup, and if it’s a required field, just enter a dash.

Thanks tlangelaar and Peter_Kawa for your helpful replies :slight_smile:

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as I received faulty Homey Pro 2023, then I want make a warranty request, but Athom does not state anywhere, how to handle those warranty issues.
Dos anyone have a exprerience with this?

Have you tried above form?
Maybe something like:

Yes, I tried this form. Now I have to wait.
But still, Athom does not have any eay to undestood RMA form. It shoul be directly under purchace tab.
At moment there is only possibility to download invoice.

Luckily, I received package with only broken power supply, which i easily replaced with analog, so I can use my new homey 2023 :slight_smile:

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