No response from Homey support

Is it normal for customer support not to respond to requests even though I have sent several follow-up emails? I would like to submit a feature request for the iOS application. Do you receive any responses when you contact Homey support?
Use e-mail ( )

Hi ,

Thanks for reaching out! Your request (xxxxx) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

We always strive to get back to you within 1 or 2 working days with an answer to your request, and will follow up on your ticket as soon as possible.

It’s not great that they’re not answering, but on the other hand, all that customer support can do is “we passed it on to the development team”. Don’t expect that you’ll be able to have an in-depth discussion about it.


Athom has never made it easy for users to contact the support.
Besides the email address, there are two other ways to contact support if you are logged in to the App Store:

– Support → Need Help? → Select a category → Contact support

– Support → Knowledge Base → Sign in

(Just for info)

But when I want to submit a support request via the “Need Help?” option, it says the following:

Whenever the support ticket is changed, i.e. if the support ticket number is identical, the new request is moved back to the last position of the requests. This happened to a user from the German forum area.


I am going to leave eedomus because the support never responds to emails, even after multiple follow-ups. I’m afraid I will encounter the same problem here. Honestly, it’s a good thing that the Homey box is much better than eedomus, otherwise, I wouldn’t have switched. But do all support teams for smart home systems behave like this? It’s unfortunate. I know we have the community to help us with our problems, but when it comes to issues with the iOS application or hardware problems, it’s difficult to wait for several weeks or even months to get support. I’ve experienced this multiple times with eedomus, and I can tell you that when no modules or rules are working for several weeks, especially for the alarm system, it’s very frustrating.

That is very true, but also very understandable imho:
it is completely free of charge, but the employees are on a (Dutch) payroll.

About response time @dudu_95 :
Until the high number of Pro 2023 early access issues, I always got a human response within the same or next business day.
I think it’s just temporary way too busy now. And maybe there’s some employee issues.

This forum is also a good (& smart) issue filter and helped/helps many users as well.

THIS is in general a major reason for support response times getting longer. It is a time waster.
Please just wait, when you’re support request has been registered.

Ok, well, I’ll wait then.

What do you want to tell us with that? Is this an email to Athom support? That doesn’t say much except that it’s a complaint.
And what is the problem with the modules, the rules (which rules?) and the alarm system? Have you already asked for help in the forum?

I think you didn’t understand my message. I asked Homey support to add a different sound for iOS push notifications in their upcoming updates to differentiate them from other applications. No, I don’t have a Homey box yet. Yes, I am going to leave eedomus because there is no support and no response to my emails. However, I have noticed that Homey support is not responding despite multiple requests, so I’m concerned.

Yes, I misunderstood your message, sorry. But after all, it was pointed out that currently a response can take 1-2 weeks and if your request is changed repeatedly, it will (presumably) go back to last.
I can tell you that I have always received a response from Athom, usually in 1-2 days. But If you like the answers from the support is on another sheet of paper, especially with regard to feature requests.

If you have had such bad experiences and are unsettled by them, I would suggest that you maybe consider an open source systems, e.g. Home Assistant. But even there you don’t have any guarantee for bug fixes or new features.

Btw, with the app Pushover Notifications it’s possible to use different sounds for iOS push notifications.

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Great! When I receive my box, I will install this application right away. Thank you. As for the home assistant box, I looked into it a bit, but I find it too complex for me. I think Homey is much simpler since there’s no need to add code when adding modules and applications. Yes, it’s true that Homey costs around 400€, while home assistant is almost free, but it might be less secure.

Neither do you need to for Home Assistant.

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I reported an issue in an app on june the 20th and had a respons the same day.

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You’re lucky, or maybe they select who they respond to. I’ll let you know if I receive a response in 10 days, but honestly, I don’t believe it will happen.

You watch too many movies imho…


It’s not paranoia if they’re out to get you!


Just to get some imagination, what is going on at Athom support nowadays / past few months…

(note the numbers…)

No comments needed, no excuses but…I can imagine how hard times they have.


Perhaps they do filter somewhat easier and the more difficult support questions, this allowes supportlines to clear many easy or fast to handle supporttickets every day, while the ones that takes more time to answer (clearly) they take more time with.

Thats a pretty Standaard Operating Procedures for a custom-supportline.
If they have 10 mails, of which 9 can be answered through a quick mail-response, they will usually answer those faster.

Your question would need a developer to advise or handle (customersupport cannot add sounds to the app and publish it), so expect a question like that to take more time.

:hot_face: In this case, I believe that when sending the confirmation email for the ongoing processing of the file, they should indicate the number of clients ahead of my request (X clients) and provide an estimated processing time. This would prevent the need for follow-ups. Moreover, this information could be generated automatically using an algorithm based on the table above.

Great idea - maybe you want to send it to the Athom ? Could be something they might consider to implement maybe.

I am willing to share this idea with them, but considering the waitlist, my request will be taken into account in 6 months. :smile:s