Tech support with Homey Pro?

Hi there everyone. I’m looking to buy a Homey Pro but worried there’s no tech support.

If I get stuck, what does one do?


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You probably know this awesome community

And for defects and basic support for Homey and Athom apps you have Support | Homey

So what do think you miss for type of support?

Homey have support, it does take a few days as they are very busy but they do support you very well and you have a great community of support people on the forum, you will be able to find help if you need it.

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I recently bought my Homey Pro and i somehow regret, because of the lack of support. The community did not really help with my current issues and with every ticket i get a response, that it can take up to 2 weeks! I would also use a payed hotline, just to get things done, but this is a test for patience here…

You posted a question about Harmony hubs 11 hours ago, and opened a Github issue 9 hours ago, and you’re stating “lack of support” already?

FWIW, your issue is with a community app, so Athom’s support will just refer you back to the app developer since they have nothing to do with it.


I would prefer phone support over waiting… its just frustrating. They sell the device as „the most advanced“ and there are more issues than my old devolo home control has, althoug they stopped development 3 years ago. I simply expected a wider compatibility then with my old device. Compatibility wise z-wave is crap… there is no real standard, no one has a full support.

Announcing, that a ticket will take 2 weeks is the worst 1st impression you can give to new customers.

Again, Athom has nothing to do with the app that you’re having issues with, so they won’t be able to help you anyway.

Thats not the Most important issue. My most important issue are the missing devolo smoke detectors. The devolo integration is from Athom… i have 15 of them, so there is no way to replace them.

The Devolo app for Homey hasn’t been updated for 2 years, so I think it’s safe to assume that you will not be seeing support for your smoke detectors any time soon :man_shrugging:t3:

However, it fits with Athom’s desire to move away from app development towards letting the device manufacturers create their own brand app. So you could also ask Devolo to start supporting Homey.

Devolo definitely won’t! The devices are running fine and will be as long as the service is up and this will be the case for the next couple of years until they really need to be replaced. These smoke detectors are not genuine Devolo, they are also sold identical from other vendors, but none can be found. At least i found the Devolo siren from one of those resellers.

As with any type of home automation platform: check if it supports your devices before you commit.

How? I asked in some facebook groups and since Homey does not offer support at all, there is also no presales support! How should it work? The only way to figure out is with a actual device.

Btw. I did not expect the „most advanced“ system would not be able to handle some smoke detectors which are widely spread and not from some minor vendor.

There are many related posts about this on the forum, including answers. TL;DR: check the app store. The Devolo app page doesn’t show smoke detectors, for example.

That’s what everyone says about their unsupported device :man_shrugging:t3:

To make your life easier in the future: don’t assume that something is supported, research and verify first.

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As Robert suggests, check App Store here (Apps for Homey Pro) first is the best option as you will see what is and isn’t suported (both officially and via the community).

Your other option might be to link via IFTTT if the detectors are supported via IFTTT? then use this in Homey Pro flow - just a thought.

Just to add, I understand your frustration that everything is not there and not 100% but it is a fairly new product and lots of work going on. To give you and example, I’ve just added the new SwitchBot K10+Vacuum to my collection of Smart Home devices and its very new so nothing was supported but reached out to Adrian Rockall (the developer) 2 weeks ago and this morning he contacted me, added full support for the devices after a couple of questions to help him with logs/device ID’s etc. and now, this afternoon, it is pretty much all supported and working in the test version. So patience as well as choice of product is key but support is out there for many products. Donating a device to developers or making a donation towards development also helps and is well received by the development community and encourages further work on the Apps.

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