How reliable is TuYa?

Over the last two weeks I have installed 5 TuYa switches to control blinds. All went very well till last nights when one of the five failed to operate from a timed flow. Then this morning all TuYa flows had lost their devices and showed a red triangle. At some point shortly after all came back on line and everything was back to normal.
My question is does the tuya cloud drop connectivity regularly and if it does will it just catch up with where it left off, or will it skip the lost flow components? Perhaps I should put some sort of ping test in there, although I suspect the IP will move about.
Any similar experiances?

Sounds like your wifi needs a tune up.
I’ve had two outages in 16 months with Tuya.

Interesting statistic. Maybe I was unlucky with my timing. WiFi is good and strong with 3 access Points

That doesn’t mean Homey’s WiFi is good and strong :frowning: