How many homey sold and/-or in production?

How many homeys have been sold totally over the years?

How many homeys are in production today?

I was reading that firmware 5 will be rolled out over a period of two weeks so I’m wondering how many devices are out there and why the delay? What are the bottlenecks of pushing this version to all devices simultaneously.

How is the rollout to V5 being done? Are the Homeys updated automatically or do we have any control? Are we informed?

It’s not just limitations to how fast they can deliver the update, there’s also the fact that they want to do so in a controlled way. If they missed some problem in the extensive beta period, they want to be able to intervene to avoid all users facing the same problems at the same time.

As far as I can tell you can manually check for the update and download it, automatic updates happen gradually. I’ve read some users that encountered the problem that if you do it manually, some Zigbee apps are not always automatically updated to the required V5 compatible version yet. (Could be those users didn’t give Homey enough time to detect the new app though).

If that happens to you, you can install the “test” version of the app in question (which isn’t to say it is unstable, most were tested for months now). If you do not get that new app for Zigbee devices after the update is running for a while, the devices won’t work until you do.

Those that had the update pushed automatically also received the new version of the apps shortly thereafter. But do give Homey some time to find the new app version.



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Hi Robert…any update on that number…if over 100.000 are sold…it seems that only the few people here in the comunity sometimes have trouble :slight_smile: and…where did you get that number from??

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It was mentioned in some presentation, can’t find it anymore. Also, no update on that number.

So thieve made a gross income of €30,000,000 to €40,000,000 …. Not bad :smirk: lol

I have seen this recent, dated March 30, 2023

Ah yes, goes well with the 50,000+ supported devices.