Amount of zigbee devices (Is it different between 2023 and 2019?)

I have the 2019 at my summerplace and have now around 35 zigbee devices (Even more z-wave). And it now started to fail, sometime it work and sometime not. (There are a lot of ikea devices) Read somewhere that homey work with around 30-40 devices. Is it the same with 2023 version or can the new one work with more zigbee devices?

Have the 2023 i the apartment but i guess its not work to migrate to the earlier version in the apartment.

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Some users reported using 70 zigbee devices on Pro 2019, but that’s quite extreme.
Pro 2023 should be able to work with 200+ zigbee devices.

When zigbee is starting to fail sometimes, it’s not Homey dying.

It’s possible your power supply unit is dying. Replace it (and it’s cable) by a well-known brand version with 5V and 2 Amperes minimum

When that doesn’t help:
Check your wifi - zigbee interference → do you have nearby neigbours with new wifi radios? Is your 2.4GHz wifi channel set to fixed? Is your zigbee channel not too close to a wifi channel?

When all’s fine, you can do this:
Start Homey in recovery mode, and start “Full software download”. It doesn’t affect your settings and all, but I’d recommend having a recent backup available.

thanks, then i start with a stronger usb charger and check the wifi settings before i replace it with a 2023 version.

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Just beware - I was the “extreme” case with around 70 devices (it’s not extreme, there are more :wink: ) - so far I was not able to replicate the same experience on HP23.
Problems with :

  • Xiaomi devices - took several months to fix them for Athom but not yet willing to fully switch over from Xiaomi gateway
  • some IKEA devices were/are unreliable - eg. got rid of IKEA Tradfri, they were leaving network 1x per 1-2 weeks
  • some of Zigbee devices are not reporting it’s states/values reliably - like some packets are getting lost

…I still hope this will be fixed and then we will see some even more interesting numbers like 70-200 devices.

Extreme as in almost double the number of Athom’s recommendations :crazy_face:
I didn’t want users getting wild ideas :grimacing:

Things you mention are true, but can’t be the case here?
TS says:

It sounds a bit like it worked fine for some time.

It started to fail when i added a little more ikea lamps and remotes.

Ah, then it’s a different ballgame, the cause is now known :upside_down_face:

From what I’ve read, especially the Ikea remotes can mess up your entire Homey zigbee mesh.
I’d recommend to use other remotes!

That’s true :wink:

HP19 has the benefit of Homey Developer Tools view with routes. Check what you will see there, try to ping/wake-up devices, check if all your routers are working fine etc. But it’s true that around 70 devices also I was feeling less stability, but it did work…

Unless it’s IKEA issue, as it was observed by some users. Maybe you can buy zigbee2mqtt and check if there is newer firmware and then re-pair it without removal into HP19.

I think some IKEA issues are related to newer firmware. I’ve read about IKEA remote issues with z2m where they keep dropping off the network, but I have 5 of those remotes, all on older firmware, that have no issues maintaining a connection.

There are some suggestions that explicitly binding the remote with the controller will fix their problems, but that’s not possible with Homey.

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