Homey Pro 2023 Zigbee problems

Because I ran into limitations with my Homey Pto 2019, I purchased a Homey Pro 2023. It could install many more (some say 200) zigbee devices. The disappointment was therefore great when after 20 zigbee routers I received the message “Something went wrong, try again later” after 20 zigbee routers. I therefore do not want to install more than 20 zigbee devices, while on my Homey Pro there were more than 50. Can understand that Homey Pro will improve even further, but performing worse than the previous model is now the last thing I expect. run into the same problems?

Sorry, I’m not a zigbee expert so I cannot help you further. What I can share is that I have a homey pro 2023 that is running very stable with more than 50 zigbee devices. So there must be an problem somewhere…

Well, don’t want to be a partypooper, but you bought an ‘early access’ product, so you’re part of the public test team :partying_face:

I did not read about this 20 device limit you experienced, yet, so not sure to point all fingers to Homey at this point, but there are some known zigbee bugs:

Did you perform a full factory reset prior to setting op your Pro? Sounds weird, but solved other vague issues.

Where do you put the 21st device while pairing? Near Homey, or near it’s mounting point?

When it’s a battery powered device, did you push the pair button every 2 secs while pairing?

What happens when you remove the 20th device, and first pair the 21st device which wouldn’t pair?

Did you try a zigbee reset?

Did you try restoring a pro 2019 backup, and repair the zigbee devices (right click a device and select “repair”) afterwards?

And another important one: upgrade the firmware to rc133, this one fixes a lot of zigbee related issues, and one thing to also try when adding stuff doesn’t work is to restart homey (wait a few minutes till it is fully up and running again) and then try to add zigbee stuff.

Thanks for your response.
Of course I am aware that this new Homey is still in full development.
And yes, you are right, the fault lies partly with me. Enthusiastic that Homey now also works on the 5Ghz band, I thought this was a better option. Apparently not. Then start with a clean slate. Homey Pro 2023 back to factory setting and did everything again, but this time opted for WiFi at 2.4 Ghz. At the moment almost all 60 Zigbee devices are paired without a problem. The Ikea lamps that were previously marked as an end device are now indeed seen as a zigbee router. Since Zigbee also works on the 2.4 Ghz band, I suspect that something is not right in the transition of both channels.
What annoys me a bit is that Athom mentions a storage of 8 Gb in its specifications, while the device has a total storage of 3.7 Gb. I then just add the 2GB, which then amounts to a small 6 GB. I have asked Athom for an explanation about this, but according to them I will only be able to expect an answer in four weeks.

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The total storage is indeed 8gb, but it is divided in multiple partitions. There is some more info on the forum about that, you just need to use the search function👍🏻

Nice to see it’s getting better!
You have to tune 2.4GHz wifi and zigbee channels for the least amount of interference. Also other nearby wifi signals can interfere with your zigbee.

I don’t see a connection to the solution by changing Homey’s wifi from 5 to 2.4GHz.
When you use 5GHz only (and turn off 2.4GHz), zigbee has less interference.

I’m not defending Athom’s ‘vague’ numbers here, but there’s a difference between ‘storage’ and ‘free storage’
I’m sure it’s not your 1st device with a pre-installed OS I guess.

They advertise and sell it with a 500GB SSD for instance.
Were you surprised when when you found out there was not 500GB for you, but 100GB for you, and 400GB for Windohws?