The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

So the homey has multiple Partitions

  • 2x Boot ~300mb
  • 2x System ~2,3GB
  • 1x User ~2,7GB

In total ~8 GB

Why this system?

Currently, a Homey update is an image of the boot and system drives. Because you can’t write to the currently active partition, there are two boot and system drives, so the currently inactive partition can be updated. They switch the partitions from A to B after the upgrade, and then back to A after the next update.

I don’t know if they will change the system to a different update somewhere in the future.

Anyways thats why the “user” partition is only 2,7gb. (The Partition for Apps, Images, Insights etc…)

(Disclaimer: This is not confirmed by Athom/Homey. This is all informations gathered from users)