How frequently does Homey update the Weather info

So I see Homey has the core weather tags (Weather, Temp, Humidity and Pressure)
I don’t seem to be able to set a card for when one of these gets updated do something

With that in mind, I was wondering how frequently these update so I can catch that update?


Looking at my Insights graphs, it seems to update every 40 minutes.

Thanks @robertklep!
Never occurred to me to check insights!

Wierdly I’m seeing most evenings it’s shooting up to ~80%… is that normal!? I think i’ve only ever checked humidity in the day…

Not unreasonable for outside humidity:


That’s the humidity in my backyard according to an Aqara sensor, so it pretty much matches what you’re seeing from the Weather service.

Well there we go!

I’ve never really looked at Humidity until I stuck an Aquara humidity sensor in my bathroom/utility room to control my extractors…

And I only really cared about outside humidity because it’s high enough today to have set them both off!

But seems a simple Humidity+5 check isn’t going to be sufficient based on what I’m seeing there…