How do I report an issue to Fibaro app?

Hi, I have a problem with pairing Fibaro Heat Controller - I choose the Fibaro Heat Controller device in Homey, I follow the steps, the progress circle starts rotating… and after a while a message comes up that cannot find app compatible with this device, it will be added as a basic z-wave device.

The Fibaro app was build by Athom, I found it’s github ( but they don’t accept issues there. Instead they suggest to submit issues to, but this repo is archived. There’s no e-mail on the webpage, no real help page (just useless generic articles)…

How can I submit an issue? I’m really eager to help, I can provide any information required, just give me a chance :slight_smile: Is there someone from Athom on this forum who could help?

This is where you can submit a support request for Athom apps: