How can I implement an 'Unknown Zigbee device' as button

I have two ‘Moes’ quadruple push buttons. They are found as Unknown device. How van I implement them as pushbutton.
They are Tuya compatible, but aint found as such in the Tuya app

Homey only has generic support for lights. If you want to use other devices, you need specific app support. So best bet is to look at the Tuya app thread and find out how to request support for your devices.

There has already been a Request, but still no support. I’ll will make a new Request.

If there’s already been a request, you just have to wait. The app is created and maintained by a single developer.

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I can’t find a request for your device at the Tuya Zigbee app topic.
Where did you find the request?
I’m just curious.

Doesn’t adding your Moes as a Nedis 4 button remote work?

This is the supported Nedis device

I don’t see any nedis device in the Tuya app. Also I don’t see a remote icon

My bad. Edit the url of an official app page, and append test or /test to it.
Then, if available, the testversion appears.

I got the experimental version, but no luck. Doesn’t find the Tuya device. But thanks.

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It was worth a try, sometimes the devices are identical on the inside.

At least the 4 gang walk button is identical outsider.