Possible to use a device if it doesn't have an app?

So, general question because I do not understand this whole zigbee/zwave communicating thing.

I bought a zigbee switch with three buttons, “powered by tuya” from aliexpress. I am able to connect the switch with homey (so when something is “zigbee”, it’s always able to connect?), but it shows as “onbekend zigbee apparaat / unknown zigbee device”. So, how does this work?

I am able to connect, but homey doesn’t know what to do? Does this mean it doesn’t get any input from it when I press a button, or does it still speak another language, or does it receive something like a code when I press but it doesn’t know what to do with it? I just don’t really understand how this works and why something like a switch still needs to have a specific app to be able to communicate with homey.

And of course my last question, if this happens, is there any way you could still use a device? Or is it totally worthless when homey doesn’t have an app for it?

Yep, a device without support in an Homey App is a Generic device and doesn’t do much.
please read the opening post here and report the device info as stated,
you might be lucky that the developer can add support in one of the upcoming releases of the App.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Geurt, but AFAIK every device which can be switched on/off, works as a generic zigbee device.
F.i. a ‘Woox’ waterslot can be switched on/off as a generic zigbee device.
But, a switch device, which sends on/off commands, doesn’t → Maybe there are switches working, but not that I know of.

And true that Geurt, Johan of ‘Tuya Zigbee’ app, is active here, and adds support to his app if it’s possible. Instructions are in that thread. Have fun @Navyblueboss !

Looks there is more posibilities then on/off

Roco, do you know if there any WHEN cards, for in this case a zigbee switch?

Don’t have any unknown, sorry.

Oki, thx.

I didn’t test yet and was not sure for Zigbee as there is no Send basic On/Off in the Zigbee Developer.
But after removing the Zigbee IKEA App and pairing a Tradfri On/Off Switch and Tradfri Socket I can confirm you are probably correct!
For what I tested I could do nothing useful with the Switch but the Tradfri Socket switched and has an Dim level but that reacts as ON for anything else then 0.00