How can I easily see the mesh network for Z-Wave and Zigbee to spot weak/broken connections?

I’ve had the page up for around 24 hours. Don’t think I need to wait that long? :wink:

Couldn’t find a more relevant topic than this old one… *bump *

[edit] Of course only AFTER replying here, I see the more recent 'Route' column missing from zigbee device overview :grimacing:.

The 2018 picture above shows a column in the Zigbee table called “Route” that shows which Zigbee node is connected to which. When I look at my table this information is not available.

Has it been removed? Can I find this information elsewhere? I’d like to know which device connects to which.
Ideally I would also like to be able to see the signal (connection) strength if possible, to see if I should add or move around nodes in my house. Does this information exist?

The available actions are PING (I assume that’s to see if a device can be reached?) and INTERVIEW. Clicking the latter shows a popup with some information that I do not understand. But it doesn’t seem to show the information I’d like to see.

Screenshot 2023-10-08 095054

So I guess I could copy/paste the 2018 question: “How can I easily see the mesh network for Zigbee to spot weak/broken connections?”

On HP2023, yes.

Sadly, no.

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Any Idea Why it has been removed?

Hello Menne,
I have raised your same question to Homey support by opening a case. The didn’t provide any reasonable answer. Their answer was that the feature was removed and stop.
I said to them that they introduced clearly a regression since this feature was very helpful to understand by which repeater (AC powered zigbee device) closer endpoints zigbee devices (battery powered ones) are routed towards coordinator (Homey).
In addition they removed also the possibility to change Zigbee channel at all.
A big delusion since there are other cheaper Zigbee controllers (for example Sonoff one) that have the possibility to change Zigbee channel.
I have instability now on my Zigbee network thanks to this inexplicable choices… with HPE2019 I had a good stability instead

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Since my upgrade to HP2023 my zigbee devices work like Crap… :frowning:

by the way, how do you ‘open a case’ to Homey support?

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Soneome told me to go here: Support | Homey
I have requested it there last week, this was the email i received:

If you reset the Zigbee network via, it picks a different channel I think. Mine was at 25, and after I reset it, it went to channel 20. (I first disabled my wi-fi channel 11.)

Hi Jan,
Yes I know that there is this possibility by Homey Developer tools.
But in that case if I am not wrong I have to rebuild all my Zigbee network again…
Since I have 18 Zigbee devices (17 endpoints and 1 repeater) I would avoid to do this because I will have to change a ton of flows again…I already did this after HPE2019 to HPE2023 migration.
And yes, I already changed my WiFi AP channel to keep correct distance from Zigbee one.
I don’t explain WHY the developers made the choice to disable this feature…
In the past I got very good stability by changing my WiFi AP channel AND my Zigbee one in order to keep distance also from other AP channels closer to my flat.
I have already raised this wrong experience to Homey support, but I had not any answer from them.

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Yes, you have to rebuild.

But in my experience (limited because I only tried this once, and I have few Zigbee devices), I didn’t have to rebuild any flows. I could ‘repair’ the devices, which means I had to put them in pairing mode, hold them close to the Homey hub etc. Devices got repaired and worked fine in their old flows iirc.
I think this is because the devices don’t actually are removed from Homey, they simply are unreachable until you repair.

[edit] I just read this about removing vs repairing :thinking: :

Yes, annoying when useful features get removed without any explanation. I also would like to see how my Zigbee network is routed.

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Yep, hope they will set back the routing map of zigbee.
Also be able to see which seems too far, less responding.
Also be able to change the channel and not a full reset should be great.
Also what is missing is the capability o have some logs, trace when a timeout occurs : is it the zigbee item, is it due to zigbee network, is it due the homey zigbee program ?

That’s a Zigbee thing, not a Homey thing: changing the channel requires re-pairing all your devices.

Yes, but be able to decide th3 channel, like reset automatic ( he selects one ) or you can set a preferred one ( this is the same on WiFi appliance).

And no info about the feature : map , rout of the zigbee network ?

Not from me, no. All I know is that Athom is not planning on bringing back the routes page.

A pity…