How to find broken z-wave devices

Sorry for the bad title, but i was a little bit unsure on how to explain this issue. I removed all my devices from Homey because i wanted to readd them as unsecure.

Anyway, i have added 90% of the units again, but I am really struggling adding the last 10%. I get timeout messages every time and if i have try several times it finally gets included. I experience that the z-wave network is also unstable. Sometimes it works like a charm. Other times it takes several seconds to react and sometimes not at all.

My theory: I think that one of the z-wave devices in my network is broken, and therefore is jamming or interfering with the z-wave signals. So, if my theory is true. How do i know which z-wave device is broken?

Also, if you have a better theory, please tell me. I am soon going nuts! :slight_smile:

You can find a screenshot of my devices below.

Kind regards

For each device, press the right most 3 dots, and press ‘test’, wait a moment for response.

that only works with router devices as far as i know. I would see to test the devices that have issues to test them near the Homey to see if there are working, as far as you can test it with every device.
But in this way you can rule out the distance and since a lot of devices are connected to Homey directly instead of a router.

for battery powered devices, press the button on the device short before the starting of the test, this will wake up the device.