Z-Wave problems Homey v7 rc14?

Are there more members here experiencing Z-Wave problems? I am on v7 rc14 now.

I noticed that some devices were unreachable. Re-adding resulted the 2 green checkmarks after pressing the button 3 times consecutively, but it comes with an error after that:

Fortunately, I don’t have a lot of Z-Wave (4 Heiman smoke detectors, 1 Heiman CO detector, 1 Heiman smart metering plug and 1 Neo Coolcam doorsensor), so I decided to reset the Z-wave network and dor a PtP after.
All devices were gone (of course), but re-adding resulted in the same error as above for all of my devices. Adding at the final location or closer to Homey doesn’t make a difference as well, just as performing factory resets of the devices.

A support ticket has been raised at Athom, but perhaps anyone here has a solution?

No problems at all. I have 31 repeater and 36 end-devices.
In the first moment I would say that there were problems with the range because you only use 1 repeater. But the fact that the problems occurred with the firmware v7.0.0-rc.14 speaks against it.
Maybe a factory reset will help (I know that the inclusion process does that anyway, but maybe it will work).

Info: Z-Wave devices must always be included in the near of Homey (< 10 cm). As far as I know, Homey is not able to include devices with the help of repeaters, but other gateways.

I don’t have a large apartment, and the repeater (Heiman plug) is only 5 meters from Homey. It has always worked, like you mentioned.
Have tried to include it near to Homey.
And have tried factory resets. Hope you don’t mention a factory reset of my Homey… :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by this? Z-Wave should be designed to enhance the “mesh” by adding repeaters…

I think @DirkG is talking about NWI (Network Wide Inclusion)
Homey doesn’t support NWI.

No, I meant the Z-Wave devices… :joy:

Like @Osorkon assumed, I meant Network Wide Inclusion. Thx

Please apologize for so many misunderstandings.

Thanks @DirkG and @Osorkon!
No apologies needed; I appreciate the help!

I was able to add some again now by even kepping the devices closer to Home (pressing against the sphere :-))

In Developer Tools I see that the smoke detector is added as a Secure (S2) (unauthenticated) device. Perhaps that’s the problem, since one of the main benefits of Homey v7 is the added S2 support?

The Neo Coolcam doorsensor and Heiman smartplug and CO-detector are added as Secure (x) devices

The Secure (x) means it’s not secure. Otherwise there would be a Secure (v) symbol.

I know. :slight_smile:

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I just tested it with one of my Abus smoke detectors (identical to the Heiman sd). In the Homey app, a smoke alarm was immediately triggered (and all blinds went up and all lights came on… :joy:).
The Abus smoke detectors also support S2, but I have included them all unsafe.
So that shouldn’t be the reason why your smoke detectors stopped working after firmware update.

S2 should probably have nothing to do with the range. It may be that S2 causes more traffic, that seems to be the case at least with S0.
That’s why some recommend including all devices unsecure (myself included).

Here are a few advantages of S2 (source: Aeotec):

According to this information, S2 devices should respond even faster. However, the text does not say with which standard the speed is compared, S0 or insecure? Say say only “older devices”.

I think this is only true as an added security measure for secure inclusion. Afaik that does not apply to unsecure inclusion. I included 30+ devices unsecure and far away from Homey, also in places that are unable to sustain a direct connection.

It may also be true that secure included routers will not route inclusions as a result.

That’s new for me, because Homey doesn’t support NWI afaik. And NWI does not have anything to do with unsecure/secure afaik.
Another point is why are so many devices (from Henk and other user) not reachable as they are only few meters away from Homey? And why users do the Homey Mod to increase the Z-Wave range?

Btw, I don’t have a Homey Mod and I never had any range problems with approx. > 95 % of my devices myself. But I included them only some cm away from Homey.
Maybe I will try to include devices at the place of destination the next time.