How can I connect 3x an Warmup 6IE WiFi thermostat to Homey?

Hello, I am a novice Homey user and am struggling to connect to 3 Warmup 6IE WiFi thermostats. I would like to link this but I don’t know how. Who can or wants to help me?

Hi Michael,
You think that if some users in the Dutch forum have told you that there is no Homey app for these thermostats and therefore cannot be connected to Homey without workarounds such as Home Assistant or IFTTT, that you are now expecting a miracle in the English-speaking forum? Maybe someone really has made it and will get in touch.
But in general if there is no special app for this manufacturer and this thermostat, then it is 99% certain that these devices cannot be easily paired directly with Homey. This is the way Homey works.

Because there is an integration for Home Assistant like @robertklep mentioned in the other topic, there seems to be the possibility that a willing Homey user with programming skills can create a Homey app for these devices. You can create a request in this topic. Please note the rules in the first post. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Thank you, I like your honest reaction.