How can i add wifi connection to my Homey Pro

I have connected my Homey Pro through LAN which is working fine.
However, since i need to install some Fibaro devices around the home and I am supposed to move my homey around to get close to the devices i need to add (as example the dimmers 2), then i would like to know if i could add wifi to connect my homey to internet and feel free to move it around the house without having to plug the lan cable.


When you remove the LAN cable, it should automaticaly switch over to wifi, if I have it understand right.

Thanks. I tried that but it actually did not work.
Truth is that when I first set-up my Homey Pro i got asked if i wanted to establish connection via LAN or Wifi and I opted for Lan. So i think my Homey Pro got never set up with my Wifi network credentials.
Hence why my question is - where in the Homey Pro app i can eventually try to add the wifi connection?
Thanks a lot

Thanks Robert, this is a bit annoying.
The key question is (in case you know), if i do the factory reset can i decide to connect homey to Wifi and to Lan at the same time or i will have to forcefully switch between the two via factory reset?

You don’t have to do a factory reset, when you enter setup mode you can just configure WiFi.

If your Homey is connected to Ethernet, it will automatically use that connection. If you have also configured WiFi, then Homey will fall back to it when the Ethernet connection isn’t working.