Entering Setup Mode to change Wi-Fi to ethernet

Hi all,

I want to change homey pro from been connected through the wifi and connect via ethernet cable.
from the research I did, i found that the only way to do this is to enter the Setup Mode.

My only worry is if I will lose my devices and configuration I already created.

Thank for your help.

Homey will use the Ethernet connection automatically, and with a higher priority than WiFi, so when you connect a cable it will automatically get used.

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It is safe to enter setup mode and change network configurations.

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dear Robert, thank you for the feedback. for my case although I connected Homey with ethernet cable it still appears that it is connected with wifi

ethernetConnected false
ethernetAddress null
ethernetDefaultGateway null
ethernetSubnetMask null
ethernetDns null
ethernetMac null

Did you connect the dongle correctly? There’s a good way and a bad way (blinking lights on the dongle don’t mean it’s connected correctly).

yes, I connected it as described here: https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/7262533910300-Setting-up-the-Homey-Pro-Ethernet-Adapter

Obviously the other end of ethernet cable is connected on the switch.

As you mentioned above, the green led is ON and orange is blinking on the adapter.

If you’re 100% sure that you connected it correctly and it doesn’t automatically work, it may be faulty. But history has taught us that even when people are 100% sure they connected it properly they still didn’t.

Dear Robert,

You are right, after checking carefully the connections I did, I realized that I made a mistake.

I have corrected it and now my Homey is connected via ethernet.

Thanks a lot for your support!!