Homeydash or httpget problems

So here it is Version 2.0

I upgraded to this version hoped that the dashboard was still working.
but it wasnt.

Here is my problem
i have 3 tablets 1 windows 1 android and one ipad.

all are mounted on the wall with there own dashboard with all the stuff like taking shower or fitnes or turn on tv etc etc.

now that i have homey 2.0 homeydash doesnt work anymore.
so i tought NVM that i will just make an website where i can push get http requests.
no problem this far…

i upgraded the HTTP app for the homey to the V2
and… the triggers arent working.
when i try to go there with my browser it says i need to login… (something with whitelisting what doesnt work yet with v2)

So my question is
for homeydash:
will there be an app like this soon again (saves me a lot of work with an own dashboard)

for HTTP flow app:
how do i login or whitelist something.

or else does someone have an workarround for now
the tablets are older ones the app doesnt run oke on them and my windows tablet is oke but since the desktop app is gone and homeydash doesnt work useless

please help me out

Disable authentication in the HTTP Request Flow app settings and restart the app.

your the best!
its working so
lets build an webpage XD

or do you guys have another alternativ for a dashboard?

Why is Homeydash not working in HomeyV2??
For me this is a big issue!

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I can not even install homeydash, it says: “Er is een onbekende fout opgetreden [incompatible_app_version]” :roll_eyes:

The uninstallable app is no longer maintained,
Please use another working online version