Homey Zigbee not stable


I have several Aqara switches and motion sensors. When it is working, all of the flows are working well, and I can switch on/off the lights through the app without any problem.

However, it will just stop working after one day or so, and I need to restart Homey and everything starts working again. Anyone can help on what I can do to improve the stability of Homey? Based on the current stability, it is not useful at all.

It would be useful to know the Homey model that you have. Each one has its own issues with Zigbee.

@robertklep mentioned in a post that Aqara devices needs to be re-paired (or repaired) before they will start using other routers.
That would be easy to check, maybe that works for you.

You find also several topics where Aqara works not as expected, e.g. together with Ikea bulbs.


In your opinion is the Home Pro (2023) a bad investment ? I have noticed that you do not seem to have a great opinion of this or any Homey device. I can not tell if you are just an unhappy user therefore vocal or if this is just not a good system for valid reasons.

Thanks for any honest thoughts.

It is the 2023 model. I will try to re-pair them again. Thank you.

See the note regarding Zigbee posted in the firmware changelog for v10.3.3.

Same problem her with a pro 2019 model. Restarting every night but today all zigbee devices are unreachable. even pairing a new zigbee device is not possible at the moment!?

The 2019 model has different Zigbee issues. For that device, the typical order of trying to fix things is PTP, new power supply, or reinstall of system software.

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